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We work cleanly, quickly and efficiently

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Owner Gordon Greig is a carpenter and joiner by trade. He started Gordon Greig Joinery 18 years ago and the company has five skilled and fully-trained employees. 

We are based in Paisley and typically take on jobs in Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Ayrshire.

Gordon Greig Joiner

gordon greig

the owner

Gordon is a time-served carpenter and joiner whose passion for the job comes from genuine enjoyment of his craft.

Gordon embraces the challenge of taking on difficult and problematic jobs – working out solutions to meet the customer’s, and his own, high standards.

He finds his work challenging but believes that to be true of any job which needs to be completed to a high standard. 

high standards

Gordon is personally involved in every project undertaken by Gordon Greig Joinery, starting and finishing the work and overseeing things in between.

We will not seek payment until Gordon has inspected the work and is satisfied it has been completed to the customer’s standard and expectations.

Gordon Greig Joinery Bedroom

Bespoke solutions

We understand our customers take pride in their home and its appearance. As skilled craftsmen, we specialise in working in flats and houses where joinery work has to be customised based on the particular build of the interior.

We have many customers in Glasgow’s West End, where the internal composition of flats is often unique. As a mark of how satisfied our customers are with our work on these bespoke projects, we have just finished our fourth job in a single close, after being recommended to neighbours by the initial customer at the address.

This type of repeat business tells us our customers are happy – and tells our future customers that we are reliable and offer good value.

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